The Firm is able to support its Clients in catching the opportunities of the new technological frontiers that are rapidly transforming the activity of the operators, opening new markets both for traditional subjects and for the innovative enterprises of the sector, extricating themselves in the normative complexity. DPO – Data Protection Officer.

From corporate compliance to data security, from database management to commercial agreements, from European and non-European e-commerce to reorganization processes for the expansion of products and services or the rethinking of business models in an evolutionary perspective, the firm is able to assist all those who want to follow in the footsteps of the digital revolution.

Regulatory compliance.  We are able to assist operators in the world of technology and start-up in the management of authorization procedures for the launch of new products or entry into new markets.

Data protection and Cyber Security: The Firm assists companies in the use, marketing and protection of personal data, both collected directly and acquired from third parties, also has experience in the field of cyber security following any violations of systems.

Commercial contracts/IP.   The Firm offers advice and assistance regarding all aspects concerning the launch of new technological services (apps) ensuring for example the applicability of contracts with third party vendors, managing aspects relating to the negotiation and drafting of contracts relating to intellectual property rights of software and solutions developed under commercial agreements.

E-commerce:B2B / B2C e-commerce contract; -Hardware contract (loan; lease; maintenance; B2B/B2C sale

Domain : Transfer of a domain name; Contract for registration of a domain name; Contract for registration and maintenance of a domain name

Privacy and Confidentiality: Online database access contract; Back-up management contract; Data management contract; Video surveillance management contract; Know-how licence contract; Confidentiality contract on data communication; Confidentiality contract

Advertising and sponsorship: Advertising agency contract; Press advertising concession contract; Website indexing contract; Banner publication contract; Advertising photography contract; Sponsorship contract; Contract for the use of others’ images for advertising purposes

IT services: Contract for procurement and/or management of IT services; Contract for newsletter management; Contract for housing; Contract for hosting; Contract for the use of electronic mailboxes; Conditions for the use of mailings

Websites – App:Websites updating and maintenance contract; Websites building and/or App contract

Software: Software Upgrade Agreement; Software Support Agreement; Marketing Agreement; Commodate Agreement; Software Development Agreement on Commission; User License; Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM License); General Public License (GPL); Freeware Software License; Shareware Software License

Privacy (legislative updates): Consultancy takes on strategic and organisational value, allowing us to accompany our clients in assessing, verifying and classifying risks, thus filling the legal and management gaps in the data processing carried out, in compliance with internal company balances. The Firm prepares the company documentation required by the sector’s regulations (treatment register, appointments and external managers, etc.).

IT regulations: in companies, problems related to the use of IT equipment are becoming increasingly widespread. In particular, the most common “misunderstandings” concern e-mail, navigation and the improper use of the tools provided by the employer. For this reason, the Firm is able to prepare, after assessing the corporate risk, specific regulations and corporate documentation.

Video surveillance:the Firm assists the Client in the preparation of requests for authorization and provides judicial assistance in case of disputes on the subject.