The firm provides advice in the field of intellectual and industrial property, trademark and industrial patent litigation.

It also provides assistance in all cases of infringement of rights that may result in counterfeiting, servile imitation or simply confusability between trademarks.

Advice in the field also includes: – The preparation and negotiation of merchandising, distribution, licensing, franchising, sponsorship and other commercial contracts; – The management of disputes in relation to the unlawful appropriation of trade secrets and know-how in Italy; – The drafting of agreements for the protection of know-how and trade secrets in all types of contracts and commercial transactions, as well as the drafting of confidentiality clauses; – Targeted assistance in the protection of intangible assets of companies that invest heavily in research and development and for which it is not possible to resort to patent protection; – Assistance in the drafting or revision of secrecy clauses in order to protect corporate information that is transmitted to multiple parties in all business sectors, and in particular in the context of distribution and agency contracts, franchising and employment contracts; – Verification activities relating to national and international brands, with standard search reports on the availability and commercial usability of the proposed brands. Searches and verifications do not only concern trademark registers, but also include company names and domain names.