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We are innovative and pragmatic lawyers.

The vision of BOSAZ | Studio Legale is to provide you with shared and optimized resources to improve your business results by preventing litigation.

Our law firm knows how to listen, communicate and guide you in the creation and protection of your ideas. Technology linked to values and trust.



BOSAZ | Studio legale supports Companies and Innovators in the creation of value where privacy, confidentiality, e-commerce, intellectual property, trademarks and patents are key factors to stand out in the digital business and more.

We speak to those who are looking to the future, those who have projects to support in the IT and digital world, in the world of Fashion and Design, as well as Art.

We are Tech Provider in the major projects Blockchain based



  • Freedom of Action

    Together, we choose the right path for you to achieve the agreed goal with confidence. For complex projects we can also deploy legal resources at your company with preventive and ongoing legal advice wherever you need it.

  • Commercial Value

    Personal data for marketing, branding, patents and all intellectual property are intangible and commercially valuable assets that are vital to your business or start-up. We make sure they are protected and remain unique and economically exploitable.

  • Brand Reputation

    We protect your brand reputation from anything that could damage your image and have economic repercussions. We provide you with guidelines to focus on your values and match them to your actions.

  • Future Perspectives

    The competitiveness and value of a company depends on its compliance. We implement the right procedures, tailored to the size and needs of your company.

  • Comprehensive legal assistance

    Thanks to customized legal services and multidisciplinary partnerships, BOSAZ | Studio legale is always able to mobilize the right amount of professional resources to best cover all areas of your business.

Choose us, we:

Create a new approach to the legal world, where Competence is combined with Empathy and Creativity.

Make the intricate steps of our work more understandable, simplifying the service for you.

Guarantee cost efficiency with clear, project-based solutions and quotes.

Believe in the transfer of know-how and expertise.

Use technology to give you new services and skills.

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