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IT Law -Blockchain

Digital law will help you seize the opportunities of the new technological frontiers of business with specific assistance in Computer Law.


BOSAZ | Studio Legale in Pistoia, and wherever you are, can assist you if you want to engage in the digital revolution: from corporate compliance to data security, database management to commercial agreements, European and non-European e-commerce, reorganisation processes for the expansion of products and services, or rethinking of business models from an evolutionary perspective.


What is the scope of practice of Digital Law?

Digital law affects so many aspects of everyone’s daily and working life. We can give you a few examples:

Intellectual Property (IP) & Information Technology (IT) Agreements

We support innovative and high-tech start-ups in managing the authorisation process for launching new products or entering new markets.

We offer legal advice and assistance on all aspects of launching new technology services (apps), for example ensuring the enforceability of contracts with third-party vendors, managing the negotiation and drafting of contracts relating to intellectual property rights of software and solutions developed under commercial agreements.

Blockchain and Smart contract

In this particular area, legal advice goes hand in hand with innovation. By supporting your most innovative ideas, we can provide you with the most appropriate legal basis for the development of your projects Blockchain based.

Privacy and GDPR

Our advisory services take on a strategic value, allowing us to guide companies through the verification and classification of risks, bridging the legal and managerial gaps in the processing of personal data. Our law firm prepares both the corporate and online documentation required by the relevant legislation (processing register, appointments of persons in charge and external managers, etc.), also in terms of legal design, as well as:

    • Online Database Licence Agreement
    • Back-up Management Agreement
    • Data Management Agreement
    • Video Surveillance Management Agreement
    • Know-how Licence Agreement
    • Data Communication Confidentiality Agreement
    • Confidentiality AgreementData protection and Cyber Security

We assist companies with regard to use, marketing and protection of personal data, whether collected directly or acquired from third parties. We also have experience in cyber security in connection with system breaches.


IT Tools Regulations

Problems related to the use of IT tools are becoming more and more common in companies. In particular, the most common “misunderstandings” concern e-mail, navigation and improper use of the tools provided by the employer, as well as the regulation of inventions made by the employee in the company. For this reason, BOSAZ | Studio Legale based in Pistoia is able to prepare specific company regulations and documentation, with verification and mapping of company risks.


    • B2B and B2C e-commerce agreement
    • Hardware agreement (loan; lease; maintenance; B2B/B2C sales, compliance related to online marketing

Domain name

    • Transfer of domain name
    • Domain name registration agreement
    • Agreement on registration and maintenance of a domain name

IT Agreements

The law firm deals with drafting commercial agreements in the field of Computer law for:

Advertising and sponsorship

    • Advertising agency agreement
    • Agreement for advertising concession in print media
    • Website indexing agreement
    • Banner Advertising Agreement
    • Photography agreement for advertising purposes
    • Sponsorship agreement
    • Contract for the use of other people’s image for advertising purposes

IT services

    • Contract for procurement and/or management of IT services
    • Newsletter management agreement
    • Housing agreement
    • Hosting agreement
    • Agreement on use of electronic mail

Websites and Apps

    • Website update and maintenance agreement
    • Website and/or App development agreement


    • Software update agreement

Software assistance agreement

  • Marketing agreement
  • Loan for use agreement
  • Software development agreement
  • User license agreement

Video Surveillance

The Law Firm assists you with the preparation of authorisation applications and provides legal assistance in case of disputes in this field.

Civil matters of Digital Law

are related to the use of new technologies. BOSAZ | Studio Legale provides advice and legal assistance for internet claims, reputational damage, right to be forgotten, delisting, de-indexing, domain names and misleading competition.

Criminal matters of Digital Law

As lawyers, we deal with crimes related to the development of new technologies (in the field of privacy violation and information technology), such as:

    • computer fraud
    • unauthorised access to a computer or telematic system
    • unauthorised possession and distribution of access codes to computers and telematic systems
    • distribution of computer equipment, devices or programmes intended to damage or interrupt a computer or telecommunications system installation of equipment intended to wiretap, interrupt or prevent computer communications
    • falsification, alteration of computer communications acquired through wiretapping