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Olivia Bosaz

Criminal Lawyer, DPO, Innovation e Fashion Lawyer

A “lawyer” from birth, a “revolutionary” by nature and passion.


Olivia Bosaz, Esq. is empathetically committed to the battle for rights in the criminal field. During the course of her profession, she has felt the need to bring out the other side of her nature, which has led her to specialise in Digital Law, an innovative and constantly evolving field, thus providing on-going consultancy to important local companies oriented towards the European and International markets.


After long collaborations, she founded BOSAZ | Studio Legale in Pistoia, imagining it as a legal hub of skills strongly identified and driven by the passions of each team member.


Olivia Bosaz, Esq. is a DPO, specialised in Privacy, Data Protection, IT and Computer Law, Trademarks, Patents and Intellectual Property, Art Law and Fashion Law, which are all closely related legal skills.


She collaborates in projects of technological and innovative start-ups, and creation of legal apps and software.


She has established a collaboration with Yingke Law Firm in Shanghai for economic start-up projects related to the export of Italian products of excellence. She provides assistance to Asian companies for trademark and patent registration in the EU.