The value of a company is no longer based only on tangible assets

The value of a company in no longer based only on tangible assets. Very often, in fact, it is intangible assets that contribute to the concrete value of a company.

The most important of these is undoubtedly the brand, which encompasses many aspects (for example, customer trust, customer loyalty, brand image and reputation) but which can be the most valuable corporate asset.


Very often, however, intangible assets such as this can be difficult to value in a firm’s balance sheet, and only through a brand protection strategy will we be able to identify their true value.

Clearly, as we always recommend to our clients, the first steps in this direction must be taken from the beginning of the life cycle of the business, and it is therefore necessary from the outset to give your trademark effective protection by registering it. 


The property rights linked to these trademarks must then be renewed over time in an appropriate way, otherwise this will mean the loss of a further opportunity to gain for your company, which in the case of merger, acquisition, sale, will be able to give its business a further opportunity to gain.