Blockchain for small and medium enterprises

Fashion and Luxury Companies are now approaching new technologies for change and innovate.

On this context, made in Italy products will be increasingly safeguarded by blockchain technologies based on distributed ledger.

This kind of technology is conquering the word of services and industries for high-end products. This, thanks to data interpolation coming from different parts of the production chain, with trusted and unchangeable data.

This is also a great step above in the fight against counterfeiting.

Are you sure this is just a for few technology!?

Of course not, but you might want to keep eyes and mind open when approaching this new scenario.

Bosaz Law Firm, thanks to partnerships with big player on this field of the technology, is now able to give you the chance to certify and keep track of your products and documents. All this through blockchain technology making it available for small and medium Enterprises.

Blockchain gives you the opportunity to keep constant track of every kind of transaction, without needing a third party agent.

Brand reputation is now safeguarded by Blockchain technology, that is able to:

1- keep track of products, values, cash flows, from the production stage to the final consumer;

2-Proof of authenticity for Made in Italy products, with an incontrovertible certification about their origin and property changes;

3-develope a new way to communicate with your clients, before and after the selling stage. Keep in mind that by now clients or costumers tend to pay attention more and more about how a product is made, where has been fabricated, who made it, with what kind of material, and so on.

So, blockchain is definitely a great way to solve most of the issues related to counterfeit or second-hand purchase. That is why Ulysse Nardin – luxury watches manufacturer – is giving, for their watches, services based on blockchain technology.

Also Bulgari is now experimenting applications of this technology for their products.

Blockchain is catching everyone’s attention, not only fashion manufactures – for example to certify the sustainability of their production chains – but all kind of productive sectors, from food & beverage to art.

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